Bristol: Boats, Banksy and Beese’s.

It's been exactly two weeks since Beth and I arrived in the UK. I'm not sure what it is, but it already feels like we've been here much longer. Perhaps an overload of new experiences can mess with a person's head and expand their sense of time? Either way, we've now moved into our Air… Continue reading Bristol: Boats, Banksy and Beese’s.

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London Lessons

Hey world! So we have been in London for about three days now, and I feel I have already learned so much about being a clueless Canadian newbie here. Our Flight: We flew to London Gatwick via Iceland. One perk of flying Iceland Air is that they give you free Iceland water upon boarding the… Continue reading London Lessons

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Why is Nobody Clapping?? — My First Week as a Supply Teacher.

Imagine: You are a newly qualified Elementary school teacher. You have folders on your laptop overflowing with successful lesson plans from your student teaching placements. You know your way around a rubric and have learned to harness the power of "If you can hear me, clap once". You know so many teaching acronyms that you… Continue reading Why is Nobody Clapping?? — My First Week as a Supply Teacher.