Comforting Vegan ‘Mac and Cheese’

Sometimes, you just need a bit of comfort food. Had a bad day? A long night? Is it just really cold and gross outside? A big, steaming bowl of something warm and delicious can only improve matters. Potatoes and pasta are both high on my list of 'foods that instantly make everything better', and both of… Continue reading Comforting Vegan ‘Mac and Cheese’


“Better Than Costa’s” Coffee, Oat, and Banana Smoothie

  When I learned that Costa had come out with a new 'Coffee, Oat and Banana' smoothie, I was just a little bit excited. Okay, honestly, I was a lot excited. 1. A national coffee chain is making a vegan smoothie using oat milk!? (You have to ask for no honey, but still). 2. It… Continue reading “Better Than Costa’s” Coffee, Oat, and Banana Smoothie

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Vegan Swaps: Breakfast!

Breakfast is a pretty important part of my life. I honestly don't understand people who can 'forget' or 'not have time' to have breakfast, and yet they somehow continue to function like a decent human being until lunch time. It's probably (definitely) the #1 motivating factor in getting my butt out of bed in the… Continue reading Vegan Swaps: Breakfast!

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Is it Really More Expensive to Be Vegan?

Have you ever heard someone say "I would go vegan, but I just can't afford it"? Perhaps you've had this worry yourself? Many people have the perception that veganism is expensive, which is a perfectly concern. There's no getting around it: specialty vegan products like coconut yogurt, soya ice cream, and 'mock' meat products like veggie… Continue reading Is it Really More Expensive to Be Vegan?


What the Heck do I Pack for Lunch?: Jacket Potatoes

When it comes to packing lunch for work, my usual policy is to make a TON of whatever I am having for dinner, and then chuck the rest into a tupperware container to be heated up the next day. Minimal effort, maximum deliciousness. But sometimes, this just isn't possible. If I've gone out to eat,… Continue reading What the Heck do I Pack for Lunch?: Jacket Potatoes

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Feeling Cross about Cross Contamination

Costa, we need to talk. The other day, I was at one of your lovely cafes, looking for a pre-shopping pick-me-up. But this wasn’t just a regular Costa trip. No, this was a mission. However, this mission did not go entirely according to plan. Do you ever have those days where you slowly develop a… Continue reading Feeling Cross about Cross Contamination