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7 Easy and Filling Vegan Work Snacks

Ah, snacks. What would we do without them? We would probably all be significantly more grumpy, for one thing. I mean, I know I would at least. I live according to a 'Work Hard, Snack Hard' philosophy. But for new vegans (and long-time ones too!) it can be a challenge to come up with quick,… Continue reading 7 Easy and Filling Vegan Work Snacks

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Teaching is a Rollercoaster.

Sometimes, supply teaching can be a real rollercoaster. I know, it's a pretty cliched saying, and part of me doesn't really think it makes sense in the context that most people use it. I mean, sure, I get the whole "ups and downs" bit, but I mean... isn't the "down" part of the rollercoaster the… Continue reading Teaching is a Rollercoaster.

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I Went to a Completely Vegan High Tea at Bristol’s ‘Earthcake’

Ever since I moved to England a year and a half ago, I have wanted to go to a proper afternoon tea. The adorable dainty cakes... the finger sandwiches... the crumbly scones spread thick with jam... the endless pots of tea and coffee... Could there be a more perfect way to spend an afternoon? However, my… Continue reading I Went to a Completely Vegan High Tea at Bristol’s ‘Earthcake’