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Vegan Taste Test – GoMaxGo ‘Jokerz’ (Vegan Snickers)

If there’s one vegan stereotype that I happily like to disprove, it’s the whole “Vegan = Health-Nut” thing.

I mean sure, there are tons of health benefits to a vegan diet — but many of us have decided to be vegan for other reasons. Just because vegans tend to consume more fruits and veggies doesn’t mean that we’re immune to the occasional chocolate or cookie craving (does every day still count as an ‘occasional craving’)? Plus, who wants to just eat salad all the time? Not this girl. I am decidedly pro-vegan-junk-food.

When I found out that Go Max Go makes a vegan version of my former favourite chocolate bar, Snickers, I was over the moon with excitement. They also make veganized versions of other bars such as Bounty, Mars and Twix, proving that there is some good in this world. Upon acquiring the fabled vegan snickers, I eagerly unwrapped it, hoping for the best.

Vegan Taste Test – Go Max Go ‘Jokerz’ Bar


 How Did It Look?

Jokerz comes in a bright red package, the similar name being the only allusion to its’ non-vegan counterpart. Upon opening, the bar looked and felt pretty darn close to a Snickers!
I’m not sure what sort of vegan sorcery Go Max Go has pulled, but the chocolate really has that sweet, milk-chocolate-y flavour that mass-produced bars like Mars and Snickers tend to have. It’s definitely sweet, but with that salty, peanut-y kick that makes Snickers so darn good.

The bar has a lovely chewy texture, with a little bit of crunch from the peanuts. Sometimes texture can be the giveaway detail that makes copycat vegan foods not seem quite right, but Jokerz really nailed it.


Non Vegan Weigh In
My Omni boyfriend happily agreed to taste test the bar, and was not disappointed. In his opinion, it was actually better than Snickers!

He noted that it seemed a bit denser/more compact than Snickers, but overall, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing — just different. Or apparently, better.

4.5/5 High Fives

This would definitely satisfy even the pickiest vegan’s Snickers craving, and non-vegans would likely be fooled by how close it is to the real deal. You can get one (or find out where to buy one) from GoMaxGo’s website:  http://gomaxgofoods.com/products/

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