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Being a Vegan in China – A Survival Guide by Cody Hoffman

Hey guys, I wrote a little guide (originally published by my teaching agency) to eating vegan — as best as possible anyway — here in China! Read on for tips, mishaps, and some delicious street eats!

I am sitting at the table, at a fairly nondescript Chinese restaurant in Shenzhen’s Fumin district. Around me, my friends and boyfriend are beginning to dig into their meals happily, but I hesitate. I flag down the waitress. “Excuse me,” I say, or rather, I speak into Google Translate. “I asked for no meat. I am vegetarian. What is this?” I point to the offending chunks of Spam-like mystery meat that have been liberally sprinkled around my tofu dish. The waitress seems confused. I pass my phone across to her and await her translated response. “It’s pork sausage,” her message reads. “You asked for no meat. I thought this was okay.” At this moment, I start to question whether I have in fact moved to China, or if I somehow made a wrong turn and ended up on an entirely different planet, where pigs grow on trees, and nothing makes…

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