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Being a Vegan in China – A Survival Guide by Cody Hoffman

Hey guys, I wrote a little guide (originally published by my teaching agency) to eating vegan — as best as possible anyway — here in China! Read on for tips, mishaps, and some delicious street eats!

I am sitting at the table, at a fairly nondescript Chinese restaurant in Shenzhen’s Fumin district. Around me, my friends and boyfriend are beginning to dig into their meals happily, but I hesitate. I flag down the waitress. “Excuse me,” I say, or rather, I speak into Google Translate. “I asked for no meat. I am vegetarian. What is this?” I point to the offending chunks of Spam-like mystery meat that have been liberally sprinkled around my tofu dish. The waitress seems confused. I pass my phone across to her and await her translated response. “It’s pork sausage,” her message reads. “You asked for no meat. I thought this was okay.” At this moment, I start to question whether I have in fact moved to China, or if I somehow made a wrong turn and ended up on an entirely different planet, where pigs grow on trees, and nothing makes…

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Easy Ways to Add Vegan Protein Into Every Meal!

"Where do you get your protein though?" Perhaps you've been asked this question when you told someone you were trying to go vegan. Maybe you've heard other vegans and vegetarians lamenting about how much they have to defend their protein intake. How suddenly, everyone is a nutritionist who's taken an intense interest in your dietary… Continue reading Easy Ways to Add Vegan Protein Into Every Meal!

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“I Fart Like a Trooper But They Don’t Smell!” and Other Veganuary Confessions

Were you one of the 23,000 people who took part in Veganuary this past month? Since 2014, people across the world have been pledging to keep dairy, eggs and meat off their plates in growing numbers (only 3000 signed up in 2014 -- that's a 600% boost in just two years!). I've heard the word… Continue reading “I Fart Like a Trooper But They Don’t Smell!” and Other Veganuary Confessions

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Vegan Swaps: Breakfast!

Breakfast is a pretty important part of my life. I honestly don't understand people who can 'forget' or 'not have time' to have breakfast, and yet they somehow continue to function like a decent human being until lunch time. It's probably (definitely) the #1 motivating factor in getting my butt out of bed in the… Continue reading Vegan Swaps: Breakfast!

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Is it Really More Expensive to Be Vegan?

Have you ever heard someone say "I would go vegan, but I just can't afford it"? Perhaps you've had this worry yourself? Many people have the perception that veganism is expensive, which is a perfectly concern. There's no getting around it: specialty vegan products like coconut yogurt, soya ice cream, and 'mock' meat products like veggie… Continue reading Is it Really More Expensive to Be Vegan?

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Feeling Cross about Cross Contamination

Costa, we need to talk. The other day, I was at one of your lovely cafes, looking for a pre-shopping pick-me-up. But this wasn’t just a regular Costa trip. No, this was a mission. However, this mission did not go entirely according to plan. Do you ever have those days where you slowly develop a… Continue reading Feeling Cross about Cross Contamination